JX Group Values

Environmentally Friendly Products

Basic Approach

With public interest in environmental products growing every year, product environmental performance is becoming indispensable to efforts to improve the reliability of products and services. All companies in the JX Group are developing and offering environmentally friendly products, technologies and services.

Environmentally Products that protect the Environment throughout the Entire Automobile Life Cycle

Contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society through sustained high fuel economy

At a time when efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions have become a global imperative, improvement in fuel economy is required from automotive lubricants.

To meet this challenge, JX Nippon Oil & Energy developed and launched in November 2010 ENEOS Premium Motor Oil SUSTINA, which sustains and maximizes engine performance.

With SUSTINA, dramatically reducing the sulphur content of a newly developed friction modifier has made is possible to inhibit the generation of sulphuric acid inside car engines and curb depletion of an alkaline additive that contributes to cleaning performance and fuel economy. In addition, combining one of the world’s finest base oils and an independently developed additive has resulted in high performance that delivers up to a 2% increase in fuel economy compared to currently available fuel-efficient motor oils and engine cleaning performance that lasts twice as long. What’s more, the ability to maintain fuel economy is doubled.

Switching all gasoline vehicles in Japan over to SUSTINA would result in an annual reduction of 2.7 million tons in carbon dioxide emissions in Japan, the equivalent of emissions from approximately 0.56 million households, due to the fuel efficiency benefits.

JX Nippon Oil and Energy will contribute to the realization of the low-carbon society through the supply of SUSTINA and further improve the performance of lubricating oil.